Hello I'm Sonia Sparkles

My passion is art, drawing and colours. I love to express different messages through art. I work in Healthcare by day and transform to an artist by night. 

I am fiercly independent, l love flowers, the rain, meditation and autumn. I am an introvert who loves to spend time doodling and drawing. 

Calm Clouds was something I wanted to create for a long time. I wanted something to spread kindness, peace and joy. 

How it all started

It all started when I realised I have no time to do things that bring me happiness. I knew something had to change. My focus had to shift and I had to break out my comfort zone to do what I enjoy and not what pleased others. 

Having worked in a fast paced NHS service for over 12 years and navigating through several different roles within it, I realised how work-life balance was difficult. 

My personal passion is Quality Improvement and making changes happen. I realised there was a big gap in improvement – that is the basic principles of making sure kindness and compassion is present at all stages. 

The Mission

Our mission is simple: Peace, appreciation and joy. 

Peace – slow down, relax and prevent burnout. Be still. Mindful and listen to your body.  

Appreciation – Be grateful and aware of all the great things around you that can become lost amongst the fast paced lifestyle 

Happiness – It can be found in the smallest thing or change. Start to do small things to bring more joy to yourself  and others 

Kindness – Being more conscious of kindness to both yourself and others

How can you help

You can help spread a calm culture by downloading our starter pack and trying it out. Whether you want to use it for yourself or on a group it is up to you. The aim is to start small and do little changes that can help bring a sense of appreciation, kindness, happiness and peace. I believe we can all make small changes to influence some of this. There are somethings that are out of our control, but there are also some things in our control. 

Look out for our illustrated book coming soon to bring you motivation, joy and happiness!

You can also use our doodles as visual reminders to help you consciously think and act in ways that bring a calm culture of happiness, kindness, appreciation and peace. A big part of calm clouds is learning from you and what you might have already done that others can learn from. Be sure to join the chronicles and share your stories too!

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