Calm Clouds

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Our Purpose

There is so much  beauty around us and so many things to be grateful for, but sometimes, it can be hard to see them. 

Finding your calm cloud is a place of inner peace, appreciation and joy.  In today’s busy world with lots of demands and expectations, it is so easy to experience burnout and feel down. Everyday, more is expected and there is less time for relaxing, kindness and happiness. We want to make wellbeing and self-care a priority in  everything we do, every single day. 

We want to help this become a reality for everyone. We want to change from a fast paced, stressful and demanding culture, to one that is joyful, fulfilling and peaceful. There’s lots of small changes that can be done to achieve this. 

 There are 4 key clouds to promote to help create a calm culture:  

Kindness: Being kind to others and yourself can brighten the day, keep you going and lighten your heart  

Appreciation: Taking time to be grateful for all the things around you can help change your mood and outlook 

Happiness: Do things that make you happy! Understand what makes you smile no matter how small it is and do it often

Peace: Be calm, slow down, relax and focus. Find peace from within to help let go of things that don’t matter and unwind

Help spread calm clouds

Come join the movement and become a calm cloud member. Help bring Kindness, appreciation, happiness and peace to the forefront of the culture for you and others around you. Download our free starter pack to help you on your journey to finding your calm cloud 

Join the Calm Cloud Chronicles

Calm Cloud Chronicles

The calm cloud chronicles is a place to share and learn from the ways people are spreading a “calm” culture. We want to hear how people are using kindness, appreciation, happiness and peace to find their calm cloud. Anyone can share anything – also feel free to learn, use and try out what others have shared  

Share your stories

We want to publish and share YOUR stories on how you or your team are finding your calm cloud. We want to share your ideas, successes and tips for others to learn from. It does not matter how small or big the act was, every bit makes a difference.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy! The best things are usually the small and simple acts.

Share your resources

Maybe there are lots of things you have already done that fit in with calm clouds purpose. It’s great sharing them on social media, but they can quickly become lost and hard for people to find again. Share your ideas, resources and information in the calm cloud chronicles so people can always access them. Learning from each other is an great way to spread a calm culture 

Help us create the community

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Calm Clouds Services

We are still setting up! There are lots of things we want to work through to help allow calm clouds to grow. Here are a few things under development – if you want to know more about them get in touch! 

The Calm Cloud Shop

Buy calm cloud products online to help spread some joy 

Calm Cloud Talks

We take commissions to come help you start calm clouds 

Calm Cloud Book

We’re creating an illustration book to motivate & inspire you